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“Paul Papoutsakis has been our company’s Athletic Therapist for the past 10 years.  He is responsible for all assessments and rehabilitation of our ballet dancers, as well as any emergency, first-aid care.  Paul’s knowledge and appreciation of the art of dance, as well as the application of his manual skills, have been indispensable assets when dealing with the daily wear and chronic care of our dancers’ injuries.  In this environment, he respects that “the show must go on” as he works with each dancer to optimize their individual performance on stage.  These are the traits that separate Certified Athletic Therapists from others in the health-care field and we are very fortunate to have him on our medical team.”

Karen Kain, C.C.

Artistic Director

The National Ballet of Canada

"As a combat athlete with over a half century of training under my belt, I've had my fair share of unfortunate injuries.  One doesn't go into those type of sports without some expectation of getting hurt.  It's part of the game and one accepts that.  I have had my share of body work done over the years.  I had found early in my career that mainstream medical doctors have little to offer when it comes to wellness and treating injury, outside of surgery.  I have always gone to body workers to help me heal.  I've had many different practitioners and styles of body work done over many years. 

Paul Papoutsakis is one of the most outstandingly talented therapists that I have ever received treatment from.  Paul has a huge arsenal of techniques and therapies at his disposal.  Everything from preventative treatments to rehabilitation techniques.  He helped me a lot during my 3-month stay in Toronto.  I plan on returning to Toronto again soon and plan on setting up an appointment with Paul as one of the first things I do.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  He's definitely the "go to" guy for treatment in Toronto."
Steve Maxwell, Ms Ed. (Health & PE)
CEO Maxwell Strength & Conditioning      

"Paul Papoutsakis is one of the best therapists I have ever encountered.  What impresses me and distinguishes Paul from other therapists is that he does not just treat the symptom, but looks for the root cause of the injury and treats that as well.  For eg., a sore knee may be due to issues arising from the hip or IT band.  Paul will determine where the problem originates and treat that as well.  Not only is Paul a very skilled practitioner, he is also extremely nice and accommodating.  He will do his very best to try and treat you even when his regular schedule is full.  I consider my daughter (who also sees Paul) and I very fortunate to be his client's and to benefit from his therapeutic techniques."

Julie Mendelson, Ph.D



"Unlike the world class ballet dancers and other superstar athletes, who have been the beneficiaries of Paul Papoutsakis’ magic, this writer, entertainment lawyer, literary agent and executive producer, has been privileged to assist those skilled professionals but has never achieved their athletic prowess.  Notwithstanding, well into my 60’s, I have prided myself on a general level of fitness and activity that augers well for the future.  Unfortunately, in August, I took a serious tumble down Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland, seriously ripping several muscles in my right rotator cuff and biceps.  Being a lover of tennis, my greatest wish was to get back on the court, but X-ray, Ultrasound and MRI all pointed to inevitable surgery.  Fortunately, through the introduction of a mutual friend, I was able to meet Paul and, through his brilliant therapy, working together with a masseur and personal trainer, I have been able to restore virtually full mobility and considerable functionality to the point that thoughts of surgery have now been abandoned.   Not only is Paul an extraordinarily gifted therapist but, also, could well serve as a motivational psychologist."  

Michael A. Levine

Lawyer - Agent - Executive Producer

"Paul Papoutsakis is one of the best bodyworkers in the business, hands down.  Paul's experience, knowledge, and gentle manner make him my number one resource when our clients experience injuries or setbacks.  He not only is an experienced Athletic Therapist, but he is accomplished in Acupuncture as well, allowing him to get our clients back into the gym in a safe and timely manner.  With every client I send to Paul, I get a glowing review back.  Highly recommended!"

Greg Carver
StrengthBox (Founder, Trainer)


"A dancer's career is fraught with injury, and Paul has been my go to therapist for a number of years since we worked together at the National Ballet of Canada.  His thorough knowledge of the body's physical structure coupled with his charming character always makes recovery a much less daunting task.  The rehabilitative exercises Paul designed for me got me back to work quickly and efficiently, and have since helped me from becoming re-injured."
Jeremy Nasmith

Everyone should be so lucky to have Paul in their corner for any physical therapy requirement.  As a quilter/writer who created and pieced bed-size quilts made with many thousands of tiny pieces, I experienced hand and shoulder strain injuries that could have halted my progress. Paul successfully treated me with physical therapy, acupuncture, exercises, plus warmth and humour, so I was able to meet publishing deadlines. He has been equally supportive and inventive in helping me deal with other on-going injuries that result from my regular, daily life, even as a non-professional athlete.

Beyond his impressive breadth of training, Paul is extremely gifted in "reading" the subtle nuances of an injury to identify the primary source, and other ancillary contributors, and not simply treat the symptoms.  I consider Paul to be one of my primary health care advisors and recommend him wholeheartedly.
Elizabeth (Biz) Storms
Writer, artist, traveler, student

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