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Injury Assessment

Paul will conduct an assessment through an in-depth interview to determine your limitations, cause and severity of your injury.  This determines if further medical follow-up is required.  Then, a home program is provided to help you relieve your pain and  start you on your path to better health.

These assessments are the basis of his plan of action with regards to treating his clients.  He offers assessments for all orthopedic conditions including back pain, neck pain, headaches, overuse/chronic injuries and any acute, traumatic neurological dysfunction.

Manual Therapy Rehabilitation
Manual therapy techniques are geared towards getting your joints moving.  Paul provides muscle relief through massage and soft-tissue techniques.  Then he gets you  moving, because once you get moving, it gets easier to stay moving.  He works with you to restore your full mobility and normal function.

Exercise Rehab Prescription
You'll receive your exercise rehab prescription after your assessment and treatment.  He will prescribe an exercise or routine that can be customized and effective for your condition.  Your prescription will not only help your injury but promote total body health.

Functional Training
Functional Training focuses on the end-result of what you are seeking to achieve.  Paul will develop a training program specific to your needs, to help reach your goals.  His training regimen dynamically works your entire body.  

"Rest is the kiss of death,
Movement is the breath of life"

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